Classroom management

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Classroom management by Mind Map: Classroom management

1. What is?

1.1. It refers to all the techniques and skills that teachers use to keep students organized, focused on tasks, and academically productive during the class.

1.2. It is important because when these strategies are executed effectively, the behaviors that impede students learning are minimized and the behaviors that facilitate learning are maximized.

2. How to manage

2.1. 1. Looking at classroom events minute by minute.

2.2. 2. Finding options. Making decisions between one option and another.

2.3. 3. Doing the chosen actions.

3. Some tips

3.1. Establish a consistent daily routine that begins as soon as students enter the classroom.

3.2. Do now is a brief written activity that students are given as soon as they arrive in the classroom. This technique helps students to stay focused, productive, and prepare for the next instructions.

3.3. Teachers establish tight transition routines that students learn and can execute quickly without much direction.

3.4. Students use nonverbal signs whie seated to indicate that they need something. This helps to minimize disruptions during class.

3.5. Props is the act of publicly recognizing and praising students who have dome something good.

3.6. Teachers can establish eye contact or make gestures that let students know they are misbehaving. This helps to minimize disruptions during the lesson.

3.7. Teachers ask the sudent to do a task again the correct way.

3.8. If the class is not quiet when starting the lesson, you could get their attention by getting comments about the weather or a movie until everyone is with you.

3.9. If a student is not paying attention you could walk toward the student and stop near him/her while still teaching.

3.10. If non-verbal strategies are failing, the next step will be stay a few minutes after class or changing their seat.

3.11. Let students choose their seats. This could help students to behave well in order to avoid being moved.

3.12. Collect and grade assignment so the students may have a reason to make an effort to do a good job.

3.13. When teaching try to be facing students as much as posible.

3.14. Establish consequences for misbehaving.