SURGE Enterpreneurial Skills Presentation

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SURGE Enterpreneurial Skills Presentation by Mind Map: SURGE Enterpreneurial Skills Presentation

1. How does this assist you in supporting the 4 foundations of How Does Learning Happen in your work?

1.1. Belonging Being open to new ideas helps create an environment that is customized to meet everyone's needs.

1.2. Engagement Part of having an entrepreneurial mindset is being open to and actively seeking feedback to improve the product/environment/learning experience that you're working on. Including children, families, community partners, and collegues in making plans and decisions is an excellent way to foster engagement.

1.3. Expression One of the big pieces that we talked about during the workshop is the cycle of sharing your ideas even when you've faced rejection and criticism. I think it's important to remember that feeling whether sharing your own ideas or listening to someone else's.

1.4. Well-Being Identifying problems and coming up with innovative solutions can help create a more inclusive, equitable learning environment for both the children and staff in the space. Often, we see undesirable behaviours and just react in the moment, but if we take time to think about what might be the root of those issues we may be able to find solutions to stop them before they even star.

2. Did this workshop provide you with goals for quality improvement/development? Why or why not?

2.1. Notice a problem, find a solution. Be open to novel ideas and unconventional strategies.

2.2. Strengthen community partnership, outreach, and advocacy.

2.3. Be Resilient, Persistent, and Reflective

2.4. I don't want to be reactive in my teaching. I want to be able to evaluate and innovate, proactively to provide the best learning experience I can.

3. How does your awareness of the services/skills discussed in SURGE support your professional development/growth as an Early Childhood Educator?

3.1. Even though I don't want to open my own childcare centre right now, I know that, as an alumni, I will be able to access the services offered by Surge if that changes.

3.2. I have a greater appreciation for the challenges that independent childcare providers and administrators face.

3.3. Optimism, creativity, adaptability, and curiosity are traits of great ECEs and successful entrepreneurs.

4. How has this experience increased your leadership skills?

4.1. S.U.N Suspend Judgement-Listen with an open mind, from start to finish Understand-Ask questions for clarity Nurture New Ideas-Allow time and space to see whether the idea works in the given scenario

4.2. I'm more conscious of the courage and resilience it takes to present an idea, knowing you might hear "no" or, more surprising, that the idea isn't enough and they want more.