Real World Science Article

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Real World Science Article by Mind Map: Real World Science Article

1. 2. Why is real world science or problem based learning a valuable tool to engage youth?

1.1. Helps them to see an issue in their community

1.2. Gives them something to connect with

1.3. There's a purpose to the activity, not just for the sake of doing it

1.4. They can actually discuss real solutions and feel like they are making a difference

2. 1. Why should we create opportunities for youth to learn about conservation action?

2.1. They are the future decision makers about ocean and environmental health

2.2. Need to build their confidence and skills now

2.3. Hard to experience this in the classroom setting; aquariums important role in creating these opportunities

3. 3. How is the Virginia Aquarium helping youth learn about conservation and building their capacity to take action?

3.1. Identify upcoming September event

3.2. Provide details about the events objectives

3.3. Highlight the conservation action for youth (responding to stranded sea turtles)

3.4. Provide details on how they can get involved

4. Photo

4.1. Select 1 - 3 photos to use in article

4.2. 1. Youth doing conservation action

4.3. 2. Sea turtle strandings

4.4. 3. Sea turtle release