Instructional Design

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Instructional Design by Mind Map: Instructional Design

1. What: Definition

1.1. Models (Sets of Strategies)

1.1.1. Gagne

1.1.2. ADDIE Analysis Learning Environment Analysis Learner Analysis Instructional Content Analysis Design Strategies Development Strategies Implementation Evaluation Formative Evaluation Summative Evaluation

1.2. Definition

1.2.1. A systematic process, based on educational theories, on the development of instructional strategies, and specifications to promote quality learning experience.

1.2.2. Knowledge of how people learn, the available tools, how to apply those tools, and to engineer a plan to enhance the teaching and learning experience

2. Why

2.1. Quality

2.1.1. To ensure the quality of instructional media developed

2.2. Systematic

2.2.1. Systematic approach which provide ideas about planning, how people learn environment, media, products and system

3. Who

3.1. Designer

3.1.1. Educators

3.2. Beneficiary

3.2.1. Target Group (Learners)

3.2.2. Educators

4. Where

4.1. Lecture rooms

4.2. Studios

4.3. Learning spaces

4.4. Labs

4.5. Networked Computer

4.6. Mobile

4.7. Maker space

5. When

5.1. Pre-lesson

5.1.1. Analyze

5.1.2. Design

5.1.3. Develop

5.2. During lesson

5.2.1. Implement

5.3. Post-lesson

5.3.1. Evaluate

6. How

6.1. Technology Integration

6.1.1. Hard Tools

6.1.2. Soft Methods Software/Website

6.2. ADDIE

6.2.1. Analysis Design of course Audience Goal Objectives Identify content Identify Environment and Delivery Instructional Strategies Assessment Strategies Formative Evaluation Constraints

6.2.2. Design Name the learning units of Instruction Identify content and strategies for an individual unit of instruction Write instructions for the learning unit Name the menu items for a learning module

6.2.3. Develop Based on design phase Upload content Build content, assignments, assessment Build course structure

6.2.4. Implement Overview of course Expectations Initiate instruction Interaction Ask for feedback early on (formative evaluation)

6.2.5. Evaluation Did the students achieve expected learning outcomes? What have you learned? How can you make the course better?