Unleash Your House Database with Lead Nurturing

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Unleash Your House Database with Lead Nurturing by Mind Map: Unleash Your House Database with Lead Nurturing

1. Start Nurturing from Incoming Form

1.1. 0. Lead enters DB from web, tradeshow, etc

1.2. 1. Fulfill Campaigns

1.2.1. Fulfil

1.2.2. Wait 11 mins

1.2.3. Send targeted html-text e-mail from lead ower, customized to behavior Is html but looks like text

1.3. 2. Assign to Nurturing Path

1.3.1. Marketing

1.3.2. Sales

1.4. 3. Start Nurturing

1.4.1. Wait 3 days

1.4.2. Send E-mail #1 Marketing or Sales Gives offer to accelerate

2. Creating your lead nurturing plan

2.1. Define stages

2.1.1. Define revenue cycle stages Sample Inquiry Prospect Pre-qualified lead Sales-Ready Lead Opportunities Sales

2.2. Define buyer profiles

2.2.1. Example Marketing Sales CMOs Agencies

2.2.2. Customize content for profiles

2.3. Content

2.3.1. Define content by prospect stage Early Need: Education What: Know they have pain. don't know whats available. Reach: online demos, white papers, ebooks, webinars Mid Need: Targeted info Reach: seminars, live demos, technical white papers What: Know the solution types, but need info about companies & solutions. Late Need: Answers Comparisons, Free Trials, Case Studies, Consults, Pricing What: Narrowing the field, getting ready for bake-offs, RFPs.

2.4. Timing

2.4.1. When? When someone enters your lead db

2.4.2. How long? As long as they remain in db

2.4.3. How often? Depends on content & audience. Error on the side of caution

2.4.4. Give option to Accelerate Same content by faster

3. Reporting

3.1. Which emails work better than others

3.2. What

3.2.1. % viewed

3.2.2. % clicked

3.2.3. Lead Source

3.2.4. Days to close

4. What people usually do

4.1. "feast or famine" lead gen

4.2. < 25% are sales ready

4.3. < 5% have active opportunity

4.4. Remaining get dumped into lead nurturing

4.4.1. semi-regular newsletter

4.4.2. random acts of marketing

4.5. > 25% are disqualified

5. How it should be: lead nurturing

5.1. Build relationships regardless of buying cycle

5.2. Not a process but a conversation

6. Lead Nurturing

6.1. Why do I care?

6.1.1. 50% of leads are not ready to buy

6.1.2. LN = more leads passed to sales

6.1.3. LN = lower cost per sales lead

6.1.4. LN = more from existing leads

6.2. What is LN?

6.2.1. Building relationships with the 50% not ready to buy how to start conversations with them How to listen to know what your leads want & know when they are ready

6.3. What is not LN?

6.3.1. Random acts of marketing

6.3.2. Monthly newsletter

6.3.3. Long emails

6.3.4. Too much, too soon

6.3.5. All about me

6.4. A better way to LN

6.4.1. Make it valuable to them

6.4.2. Make it bite-sized

6.4.3. Use customer examples

6.4.4. Use a personal touch