Ballz Test Methodologies with Test Cases

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Ballz Test Methodologies with Test Cases by Mind Map: Ballz   Test Methodologies with Test Cases

1. Performance Testing

1.1. Mock a big number of users playing the game at the same time (max. number of users = number of app downloads)

1.2. Measuring performance on different networks

1.2.1. 2G, 3G, 4G

1.2.2. Strong/weak wifi

1.2.3. Network interruptions

1.2.4. Disabled access to network

1.3. Measuring game loading time

2. Exploratory Testing

2.1. Leaving a device for hours with game in progress and unlocked screen

2.2. Change device's date and time

2.3. Accessing the game from different countries (with changing the IP address)

3. Functional Testing

3.1. Ads

3.1.1. Is ad clickable?

3.1.2. Is it linked properly?

3.1.3. Is the exit button clickable with appropriate call to action and synchronized with the countdown?

3.2. CTAs

3.2.1. Are all the buttons clickable and have appropriate calls to action?

3.3. Gameplay

3.3.1. Score Calculation of the new score Showing the correct old high score

3.3.2. Are balls trajectories compliant to laws of physics?

3.3.3. Balls Is the number of the ball in the field accurate? Is the ball ring animated? Does a new ball have green color before it reaches ground? Is there a correct number of newly collected balls displayed after balls land?

3.3.4. Coins Adding/deducting the right number of coins Updating the number of coins In store On game's home screen On a game field Spending coins

3.3.5. Blocks Are the colors correct? Does a color change when a correct condition is met? Deducting block number: -1 for one ball hit

3.3.6. Aiming Long aim Short aim

3.3.7. Fast-forward If ricocheting lasts for too long, is this option displayed?

3.4. Sound ON/OFF

3.4.1. Selecting sound option at game's home screen

3.4.2. Changing the sound option during gameplay (on pause)

4. Combinatorial Testing

4.1. Playing with one ball

4.2. Playing with multiple balls

4.3. Playing with the maximum number of balls that fit into screen

5. Compatibility Testing

5.1. Different devices

5.2. Different OS (iOS, Android) - 2 latest versions of each OS -

5.3. Different screen sizes (320px - 1280px)

5.3.1. Are all elements inside a screen?

5.3.2. Is the same portion of viewport shown at each screen size?

5.4. Game's affect to the device

5.4.1. Battery life

5.4.2. Mobile data usage

5.4.3. Network's capacity usage

5.4.4. Granting/denying permissions for access

5.4.5. Install/Deinstall Time required for install/deinstall Storage portion occupied/freed Is there any game data saved after deinstall

5.5. Check landscape/portrait mode

6. Play Testing

6.1. Measure player's lifetime value

6.2. Are controls easy?

6.3. Is the game fun to play?

7. Integration with Google/App Store Web Services

7.1. User account

7.2. Making in-app purchases

7.2.1. Answering a message from another's app pop-up screen

7.3. Leaderboard updates and ordering

8. Localization Testing

8.1. Messages shown to users

8.2. Colors

8.3. Fonts

8.4. Game instructions content

8.5. Text in buttons

9. User Data

9.1. Is user data saved when playing with/without user account?

9.2. Is the user data securely and accurately sent to 3rd party service providers (scores, credit card details)?

9.3. Is user data saved when the game is interrupted?

9.3.1. Incoming phone call

9.3.2. Exiting the game to the phone's home screen/entering another app

9.3.3. Clearing Ballz app cache

9.3.4. Deleting user account