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Legal by Mind Map: Legal

1. Constitution

1.1. supreme law

1.2. same features

1.3. correlative social relations.


1.4.1. Cultural regime

1.4.2. Social regime

1.4.3. Economic regime

1.4.4. Establishing and operating the state organs

1.4.5. organising the state power

1.4.6. Basic rights and obligations of citizens


1.5.1. Fundamental rules governing vital matters of Vietnam

1.5.2. Binding on everybody including the lawmaking institutions

1.5.3. Has highest effect in the Vietnamese legal system

1.5.4. Basic rights and obligations of citizens

1.6. Principles of provision of citizens’ rights and obligations in the constitution

1.6.1. Rights and obligations are inseparable

1.6.2. Everyone must respect others’ rights

1.6.3. Exercise of rights must not infringe upon national’s interests and other’s lawful rights and interests

1.6.4. All people are equal before law

1.7. Fundamental political rights

1.7.1. Participate in management of the state, discussion with the state organs

1.7.2. Make complaints or denunciations about illegal acts of individuals, organisations, agencies

1.7.3. Vote or stand for election to the national assembly, or people’s council

1.8. Functions of the national assembly

1.8.1. Make constitutions and laws

1.8.2. Decide fundamental matters of the nation

1.8.3. Supervise supremely implementation of the constitution and law

1.9. national assembly work

1.9.1. The national assembly works via session meetings

1.9.2. Decisions of the national assembly will be passed by majority rule

1.10. Position and role of the national president

1.10.1. Represent in VN in internal matter external matter

2. Introduction of VNmese legal system

2.1. 1. STATE

2.1.1. organization

2.1.2. holds special political power

2.1.3. maintain social order within the specified scope of a territory

2.1.4. Nature of State Must have control over certain territory Be sovereign Holding special political power Entitled to compulsorily impose tax Entitled to enact law

2.1.5. They do Performance of state powers Specific operation areas International relationship

2.1.6. International relationship Protect the country Protect the sovereignty Build relationships with other countries

2.1.7. State form National level Monarchy Republic Local level Unitary Federal

2.2. 2. LAW

2.2.1. system of rule

2.2.2. legal norm

2.2.3. Law structured Law Law branches Legal institution system of legal norms Legal norms Hypothesis Disposition Sanction