What makes me the teacher I am?

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What makes me the teacher I am? by Mind Map: What makes me the teacher I am?

1. The right opportunity will present itself at the right time.

2. Teacher Experiences

2.1. Taught in a French primary school

2.1.1. Shared vocabulary is key so I always try to begin each lesson with a vocabulary round up or introduction of new/key words.

2.2. Worked as a TA in an international school in Toronto, Canada

2.2.1. This international girls school demonstrated girls succeeding in every field/area of study and I try to pass this on to empower the young girls that I teach today.

2.3. Building confidence through dance

2.3.1. Using 'unplugged' activities and movement activities confidently to support the understanding of abstract concepts.

3. Life Experiences

3.1. I am a mum to a 5 and 3 year old - both who learn and respond very differently

3.1.1. Patience! Children are not trying to get things wrong and I have to adapt my explanations and be prepared to go over things more than once in a calm manner.

3.2. Always trying something new and never being afraid of change or a challenge.

3.2.1. Encouraging children to 'have a go' and highlighting my own mistakes, then showing how to put them right. I use children in the class as experts and show how I can learn from them in programming.

4. Values

4.1. Respect for all

4.1.1. Speaking to children and not down to them. Taking time to listen and putting myself in their shoes.

4.2. All children deserve, and need to feel valued.

4.2.1. Giving all children a chance to share/speak in class - encouraging them to have a go even when they are reluctant.

5. Beliefs

5.1. Everybody has a gift

5.1.1. Highlighting those that show particular strengths and reinforcing this mantra.

6. Study

6.1. BSc Psychology Degree

6.1.1. A good insight into learning and how our brain works.

6.2. PGCE Primary Education with MFL

6.2.1. A good understanding of what it is like not to understand everything. Computing has it's own language and we need to teach this explicitly if we want children to be on the same page as us during lessons.

6.3. MA Education

6.3.1. Having to write a reflective journal for the first time gave me a new perspective on learning. I try to do this after the lessons that I teach with the aim of improving them further and thinking about next steps for learners.

7. Opinions

7.1. Too many children are taken out of foundation subjects to spend more time doing the core subjects.

7.1.1. I advocate for the foundation subjects whenever I get the chance in staff/SLT meetings and in informal conversations.

7.2. Many parents need to read and sing more to their children in the early years.

7.2.1. Make links with literacy wherever you can!