How to Wake Up Smiling: The 9 Decisions That Led To A Life I Love

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How to Wake Up Smiling: The 9 Decisions That Led To A Life I Love by Mind Map: How to Wake Up Smiling: The 9 Decisions That Led To A Life I Love

1. I decided to make curious my baseline:

1.1. Life is not about being the smartest person in the room, or the strongest or the fastest.

1.2. Walk through as many doors as you can. Learn a new something, see a new somewhere and meet a new someone.

1.3. Stay intellectually alive

2. I finally decided to get my ass into shape

2.1. Get brutally selfish in terms of your own health and wellbeing

3. I decided to ask my wife to marry me

3.1. The secret to success is to keep good company.

3.2. And when it comes to good company there is no-one better than my wife.

4. I decided to listen to understand people instead of only waiting for my turn to speak

4.1. Make a habit out of writing down three things you learned after each conversation

4.2. Stop worrying about what you are going to say, and start to actually listen to what other people are saying

5. I decided to get off the couch

5.1. Get in the bath instead of giving your kid a bath.

5.2. Play in the park instead of sitting in the park

5.3. Learn to cook

6. I decided to do what scared me the most instead of doing what I wanted to do the most

6.1. Confidence does not only come from getting things right. Confidence comes from trying

6.2. Decide to become a “trier.”

7. I decided to stop keeping score

7.1. The more good deeds you do today, the more good deeds will come back to you tomorrow.

7.2. Try not to get too frustrated with people and give life time — despite what people say, life is long.

8. I decided to stay away from complicated and embrace simplicity

8.1. Spend time with your family

8.2. Talk to old friends and make new ones

8.3. Get out into nature

8.4. Love reading and writing

9. I decided to proactively thank people and/or compliment people

9.1. Don't get so caught up in your dreams, that you forget that the people around you have dreams too.

9.2. Have a list of what the people you care about are doing

9.3. Each day make your rounds to either encourage them or thank them