Quantitative Research

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Quantitative Research by Mind Map: Quantitative Research

1. Quantitaive resarchers charachteristics

1.1. They sumarize their findings

1.2. They measure things mos accurate as possible

1.3. Looks for things in common between variables

2. Objectives

2.1. To find out a subject cause

2.2. Find out how small patterns generalize to big patterns.

3. Qualitative Research

3.1. Characteristics

3.1.1. Interviews Groupal or individual

3.1.2. Observation field

3.1.3. Content Anylisis

3.2. Objectives

3.2.1. Collect relevant data

3.2.2. Interpret data.

3.2.3. Make sepcific questions,

3.2.4. Write up findings.