Password Security Questions

Mapping of Security Questions

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Password Security Questions by Mind Map: Password Security Questions

1. Interface

1.1. It looks like a very formal document like a Questionnaire form.

1.2. Multiple type of questions that users can choose from

1.3. What Security Questions assume about users

1.3.1. they might not remember their password, username, or other login information

1.3.2. the user wants to protect their account from people that might try to access it (Newman,)

2. Design

2.1. Purpose of security questions is as an authenticator.

2.1.1. Many ask for a mother's maiden name as it was and is a "strong test of identity" as it is rare for anyone out of a family to know that type of information.

2.2. It was made to secure a user`s account

2.3. The materials needed for security questions would be the internet, websites, coding, website databases for storage

3. Labor

3.1. Since it is a self-service password reset, security questions have reduced information technology help desk jobs.

3.2. Programmers are usually hired to help maintain the data bases holding people`s answers and other data

3.3. Jobs in cyber security are likely to increase as data breaches are becoming more common and answers to security questions are going to be exposed

4. History

4.1. In 1906, William M. Hayden made the first version, as a banker, he made questions for customers as supplemental records for customer records (Meyerowitz)

4.1.1. Hayden was the first to implement the question of a person`s maiden name When the internet became was introduced, people adopted the questions for online security

5. Algorithm

5.1. Security Question

5.1.1. User`s Answer Answers then stored on a websites database Answers then stored on a web browsers database (EX. Google chrome) (Password Protection Now)

6. Infrastructure

6.1. Becomes an infrastructure for other sites when other sites give the user the option of connecting one profile to their email address or other online account and security

6.1.1. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

6.1.2. Help people try to reset passwords for most online sites not just Banking as it was originally intended for.

6.2. Needs infrastructure of other websites and internet browsers (Password Protection Now)

6.2.1. Needs websites and web browsers databases to save responses