Coronavirus Response Plan

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Coronavirus Response Plan by Mind Map: Coronavirus Response Plan

1. Confirmed External Case

1.1. NSW Health contact us

1.1.1. Inform Chain of Command ie GM, ED, CMT Supply NSW Health with Information as requested NSW Health act on information given and contact patrons

1.1.2. Advice from NSW Health 1. Stand up local incident team including the relevant Executive Director, Group Manager and HR Business Partner & Comms 2. Act on advice from NSW Health Staff Comms Local Closure Procedure

1.1.3. If we choose to do more eg Industry standards/peak or regulatory 1. Consider Risk 2. Stand up local incident group including the relevant Executive Director, Group Manager, P&C Business Partner and Chief People & Culture Officer 3. Deliver Comms 4. Report to CoronaVirus Management Team Local Incident Group to recommend CMT: 1. Close Facility? 2. Cleansing Required? 3. Staff Comms? 4. Public communications? 5. Contacting affected people? 6. Reduction/Closure of services?

2. Internal Case

2.1. Staff to advise Line Manager, and Chief People & Culture Officer

2.1.1. Process Special Leave Confirm with NSW Health & affected staff member Follow External Process Cleared of CoronaVirus Return to work

3. Coronavirus Management Team

3.1. Enact Corona Management Team: ED Corporate Services, ED Community Services, ED City Engagement & Experience, ED City Assets & Operations, Chief People & Culture Officer and Group Manager City Engagement

3.2. Policy Positions

3.2.1. 1. Increase cleansing

3.2.2. 2. Sanitisers & gloves on-site

3.2.3. 3. Proactive Public Communications

3.2.4. 4. Large meetings

3.2.5. 5. Corona email address

3.2.6. 6. Flexible working arrangements

3.2.7. 7. Closure of facilities

3.2.8. 8. Events

3.2.9. 9. Governance & Delegations

4. Our Principles

4.1. 1. Follow NSW Health advice to inform decisions and act 2. Decisions consistent with our Business Continuity Plan, policies and local authorities