The History of English

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The History of English by Mind Map: The History of English

1. Present-Day English . ( 1700 - Today ) In 1700 the English language differed only slightly from present-day English. The most important development was external, it concerned the position of the English language among the language of the world from a regional language. It developed to the most widely used language of our time. The first significant step in the progress of English to created as a global language. During the sixteenth century in the end reign of Elizabeth. Also, in 1603 literature nada boomed through the works of Spencers Marlowe and Shakespeare and Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh had laid the foundation for expanding the English influences in the new world.

2. Early Modern English Period. (1500 - 1700 ) The beginning of the early modern English period coincides with the ascendancy of Henry the eighth in 1509. The end of the early modern English period is marked by the completion of the wonderful “Vowel Shift” and also, the beginning of the scientific age around 1700. At the time, William Shakespeare beginning with his enormous works in the early modern English. For that reason early modern English is known as Experian English. Nowadays, in that period English was fairly analytic, the word order had already become quite fixed as such, Subject, Verb, Object. ( SVO)

3. Middle English Period. ( 1100 - 1500 ) In 1066 The Norman Conquest William Duke of Normandy who, had a Battle for conquests England with the king Harold. The Battle of Hastings beginning on oct.1066 and then,Harold's Death on 14 oct. 1066. The Norman conquest brought a lot of changes to England's political and social structure, that event had enormous impact on the English language. Such as an almost complete replacement of the English aristocracy by a Norman aristocracy. English to became the language of the lower classes especially among the nobility in literature law and in official documentation.

4. Old English Period. ( 600 - 1100 ) In that period, Germanic tribes invaded Britain. These tribes were the Saxons, the Angles, and the Doots. Old English Period was generally defined as from 600 to 1100 after Christ. Due to the strong Germanic period is also referred to as Anglo-Saxon English. Also, at the time, English language had phonological,morphological and syntax properties from Germanic tribes.

5. England before the English. ( 55 Bc - 600 AD ) Probably the first Indo-European speakers to arrive on the landmass now called England were the Celts. According to the history they were already on the British isles several centuries before the birth of Christ. Beginning in 55 before Christ. Julies Caeser the Roman Emperor made several attempts to invide Britain.

6. The Development of English can be subdivided in five periods.