IZUMI Japanese Massage and Day Spa

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IZUMI Japanese Massage and Day Spa by Mind Map: IZUMI Japanese Massage and Day Spa

1. Address: 1/115 Elizabeth St Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia Phone: 03 9044 9230 Email: [email protected] Website: https://www.izumimassage.com.au/ Whether your tension is caused by your job, physical activity or a particular incident, Izumi can serve to help relieve tension and tension both physically and mentally. Along with our industry skilled specialists, we provide the best massage and Japanese Spa treatment solutions in Melbourne. From massages to facials, to foot spas, we have expertly crafted unique methods and special packages designed to maximize your experience with us. Found on Level 1 of our central Elizabeth St address, our space defines tranquility and comfort. It consists of a cozy hospitality section and a demure botanic garden in the waiting area. It is designed to evoke a connection to that which is natural, comfortable and safe. Izumi is a location where tiredness is to be shed and inner peace can bloom. We have a comfy hospitality area that anyone can treat as home. As well as a little botanic garden by the waiting area to let you feel closer to nature. We have created this space, to make sure that from the moment you enter our doors, you've become a part of a truly relaxing experience. Our affordable solutions can help you to unwind after a long day with a Shiatsu Massage or spend a couple of hrs being massaged head to toe. Izumi has treatments to suit your budget and schedule. Our proficient massage therapists offer experience in Japanese spa treatments that make Izumi the preferred getaway in Melbourne. Escape for your lunch break or take some time out with the family members. Treat yourself and a loved one to a relaxing full body massage. Ideal packages are suitable for romantic recuperation or just simply spoiling a friend. Make our spa treatments a shared experience today. Know of a colleague that is having a difficult day? Help them reconnect to their inner peace and dispel their negative energies. Izumi can help with a diverse range of Japanese and Thai massage treatments. Want something really special? Call us today, and we can assist you to make someone feel absolutely loved and appreciated. We can create a custom experience that will rekindle and reinvigorate you both. We know the workplace can be a stressful surroundings. That is why we offer corporate spa treatment packages to reduce stress and improve team morale. Treat your work employees to one of our inexpensive packages and see the results in their work.