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Noun by Mind Map: Noun

1. According to Origin

1.1. Concrete noun

1.1.1. Proper noun

1.1.2. Common noun

1.1.3. Collective noun

1.1.4. Material noun

1.2. Abstract noun

2. According to numbers

2.1. Countable noun

2.1.1. Eg - boy, tree

2.1.2. Proper noun

2.1.3. Common noun

2.1.4. Collective noun

2.2. Uncountable noun

2.2.1. Eg - water, oil

2.2.2. Material noun

2.2.3. Abstract noun

2.3. Countless noun

2.3.1. Hair, star

3. According to use

3.1. Proper noun

3.1.1. Rule First letter of proper noun is always capital. Generally we are not using any article with proper noun. If we are use, then we treat that noun as a common noun. If a proper noun denote’s country name, That time if country denote any decision etc. If decision same If decision different

3.2. Common noun

3.2.1. Always use article with common noun If common noun singular Then use article “A/An” Before a common noun. Verb is used SINGULAR. Of common noun plural Then use article “The/ no article” Before a common noun. Verb is used PLURAL.

3.2.2. If a proper noun used as a common noun & as a example ! That time ... If comparison between 2 Big person, that time use article “THE” with example name. If comparison between 1Big & 1 small name that time use article “A/An” with example name.

3.2.3. Rule of preferance Subjective filed - THE Objective filed - A/An

3.3. Collective noun

3.3.1. Always use article before a collective noun

3.3.2. Stracher A+ Collective word + of+ plural noun Follow singular VERB

3.3.3. Gender Collective noun always follow “ NEUTER GENDER.”

3.3.4. If any decision based on collective noun , that time If decision SAME Use “singular verb” If decision DIFFERENT Use “plural verb”

3.4. Material noun

3.4.1. Generally we are not using Article with material noun

3.4.2. Generally we are using material noun as a “Singular from” and Verb is also followed Singular.

3.5. Abstract noun

3.5.1. Generally we are not using any article with Abstract noun.