Justice - Sydney Woodcock - Concept map

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Justice by Mind Map: Justice

1. "The Revenge"

1.1. THEME: Justice is a concept that is looked differently in the eyes of the beholder

1.1.1. "I too had a family. I had a job. I had a whole damn life. Until you decided to snatch them away!" - Anders

1.1.2. "I don't get why you're doing this" - Kurt

2. "Kahanni"

2.1. THEME: Justice can be given in revenge and love

2.1.1. "That means all this time..." -Khan "Correct. She kept using us" - Rana

2.1.2. "I can't live without them, Colonel. I want Arup back. I want my child back." - Vidya Bagchi

3. "Machismo" - Criminal Minds

3.1. THEME: Jusitce is not always upheld by the hands of the law.

3.1.1. "Charged, Why? They were only defending their homes?" - Maria Sanchez

3.1.2. "The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman" - Mexican proverb

4. "Find The Woman"

4.1. THEME: Justice become injustice when the truth become unvailed

4.1.1. I hope for your sake he doesn't figure out for himself what i've just figured out? "

4.1.2. "Why did you come to me at all, if you wanted to protect Jack? It seems that you knew all along?" - Archer

5. Similarities between all: All justice is served with the resulting in revengeful death/killing for love.