Performance evaluation

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Performance evaluation by Mind Map: Performance evaluation

1. Advantages

1.1. Ogranization

1.1.1. The productivity of the company maintains an improved performance evaluation. Simultaneously, it makes the companies progress easier to accomplish their goals. In addition, communication becomes effective throughout the members of the enterprise. By doing this, problems will be identified as well as ways to solve them.

1.2. Individual

1.2.1. It helps analyze which improvements an employe demands and why. That obliges the staff members to keep a document of their personal decisions. Subsequently, workers will reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, it allows them to develop ways of achieving their goals.

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2. Complications

2.1. The primary problem consists of the lack of credibility that the employees have on their self-evaluations. The majority of people don't have a balance between their right and wrong actions. That is what causes a setback on their improvements. Likewise, there is a probability of encountering legal problems, and to prevent this, there are specific juridical regulations that can be applied, such as supervision, while the evaluation is implemented.

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3. Stages

3.1. Stage 1: They communicate the composition of the evaluation.

3.1.1. Stage 2: Get to know the result of the positive and negative activity. Stage 3: Discuss wich are the areas of opportunity for improvement. Stage 4:They develope training programs that will help the employees acquire better outcomes.

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4. 360º Evaluation

4.1. What is it?

4.1.1. It is a performance evaluation that is conducted by a variety of people who interact with the employees. Such an assessment is usually completed through forms, which are later used in the interpretation meetings. These so-called meetings are composed of the staff members as well as the managers of the company.

4.2. Advantages

4.2.1. Supply employees with a waiter view of their performance. It allows staff to receive multiple perspectives. Reduce discrimination by as, and injustice.

4.3. Disadvantages

4.3.1. There is a complexity in the evaluation because of the diverse number of responses. The feedback can cause annoyance among the employes evaluated and the ones that judge. Antagonistic opinions

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