Interview-related vocabulary and expressions

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Interview-related vocabulary and expressions by Mind Map: Interview-related vocabulary and expressions

1. Describing your personality

1.1. Easy-going

1.1.1. A relaxed person who is easy to get along with I’m (easy-going), or I’m a/an easy-going person/employee/worker.

1.2. Hard- working

1.2.1. Someone who works well and isn’t lazy Being hard-working in your job is fundamental.

1.3. Committed

1.3.1. A person who is loyal to a project or person I'm quite commited to the business world and marketing.

1.4. Trustworthy

1.4.1. Someone who you can rely on I’m very trustworthy

1.5. Honest

1.5.1. Someone who tells the truth We are looking for honest people.

1.6. Focused

1.6.1. Someone who is not easily distracted I’m an extremely focused employee

1.7. Methodical

1.7.1. A person who pays attention to details and works in a logical way Methodical people are always very focused and hard-working.

1.8. Proactive

1.8.1. Someone who takes steps to complete tasks without supervision To be a proactive employee you need to think on your own.

2. Describing your strengths

2.1. Organization

2.2. The ability to multitask

2.3. Perform to a deadline

2.4. Solve problems

2.5. Communicate well

2.6. Work in an international environment and with people from all over the world

2.7. Speak foreign languages

2.8. Enthusiasm

2.9. To be good at...

3. Describing your experience

3.1. I have five years’ experience as a waitress/in retail/as a teacher

3.2. I worked in retail for seven years and was promoted to manager in my second year

3.3. I studied at the University of Queensland

3.4. I worked for Anderson and Assoc. as a lawyer

4. Describing your goals for the future and why you want this job

4.1. I’m looking to further my skills as a barista/in hospitality, as a childcare worker/in early childhood education

4.2. I’m want to further my career in physiotherapy/as a physiotherapist, in administration/as an administrator, in retail/as a branch manager

4.3. I believe your company is an important player in its industry

4.4. I feel my skills set is a perfect fit for your team and I can contribute by…

5. Here you have an useful video that may help you: