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Hx form by Mind Map: Hx form

1. pt profile

1.1. age , gender, residency, occupation, single? عالسريع بتسألهم مش تقعد تفكر

2. C.C.: CC and duration

3. analysis of CC

4. Ask all symptoms about associated system

5. put a Differential diagnosis and ask symptoms about ddx to rule in or rule out diagnoses وعشان توخذ علامات الاسئلة الثانية وهيك بالحياة العملية مش بس بنسأل بشكل عشوائي

6. ask about risk factors for the most probable diagnosis to make sure

6.1. drugs and family Hx may be part

7. dont forget the general symptoms especially in cancer suspicion

7.1. sometimes you can ask about impact of the symptom: like in hematuria or melena you can ask about anemia or in a mass you can ask about mass effects it depends

8. continue asking about systemic reviewلا تكثرش اسئلة للسستمات الثانية , FMhx, drugs, allergies, social