Coaching for Behaviour Change (Chronic)

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Coaching for Behaviour Change (Chronic) by Mind Map: Coaching for Behaviour Change (Chronic)

1. “a method of training the patient to take responsibility for the achievement and maintenance of the target levels for their particular modifiable risk factors”

2. Teaching or instructional role / aimed at supporting others in their efforts to reach a new goal

3. “goal orientated”

3.1. goal setting stratergies

3.2. self-efficacy building techniques

3.2.1. confidence in the value of the specific strategy

3.2.2. confidence in the patient’s ability to executive the strategy

4. support systems / not isolated

5. Telephone contact

5.1. following up on goals that are set

6. “interactions that are focused on the patient concerns and in which the patient is listened to and helped to work through issues”