Organisation Man Management (Grid Style 5,5)


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Organisation Man Management (Grid Style 5,5) by Mind Map: Organisation Man Management (Grid Style 5,5)

1. Boss Behaviour

1.1. Planning: He plans according to like and dislike of subordinates

1.2. Organizing: He explain aims and schedule, ensure whether clear to them or not and also encourage them ask freely if not understood

1.3. Directing: He check performance and progress work from each and based easiness to subordinate, he changes conditions

1.4. Controlling: He allow subordinate to work there own and find out there weakness

1.5. Staffing: He seek people who will fit in.

2. Implication for Health and Mental State

2.1. Inferiority Complex

2.2. Who am I

2.3. Peptic Ulcers

3. Behaviour in Different Element

3.1. Initiative: He seek to maintain steady pace

3.2. Inquiry: He don’t probe in depth and generally accept what others tell me

3.3. Advocacy: when others hold ideas, opinions and attitudes different from his own, he try to meet halfway

3.4. Conflict Resolution: He tries to find fair solution that accommodate others

3.5. Decision: He search for workable decision, even though not perfect

3.6. Critique: He sugar-coat his feedback so other person takes it well.

4. Subordinate Reaction

4.1. Like Beget Like

4.2. Playing the status game

4.3. Statistical 5,5

4.4. Drifting in to 1,1

5. Facades

5.1. Flexibility of Convictions

5.2. Compromise

5.3. Friendly Interest

5.4. Use of Cliques

5.5. Receiving and giving advice

5.6. Gamesman Façade

6. Conflict Resolution Type

6.1. Based on past experience

6.2. Corporate protocol

6.3. Radar-Scoping

6.4. By Informal System

6.5. Implicit Majority Rule

6.6. Tentativeness

6.7. Compromise

6.8. Tailoring Information

6.9. Expediency

6.10. Separating those in Disagreement