Medical Categories and Human Identities

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Medical Categories and Human Identities by Mind Map: Medical Categories and Human Identities

1. Marketing

1.1. very negative towards mental health issues and diseases

1.2. increasing amount spent on ads per year

1.3. takes time, resources, and effort to develop anh psychiatric advertisements

1.3.1. maximum profit comes from prioritizing advs over innovation, giving the public problems with only their products are the solution

2. Pharma

2.1. manipulate market by exaggerating data

2.2. use Direct To Consumer marketing

2.3. raise consciousness, lead public to believe things that are most likely not true

3. Labeling Theory

3.1. Basic labeling theory

3.1.1. label --> identity forms around mental illness

3.1.2. no label ---> no real consequences

3.2. Modified Labeling Theory

3.2.1. label --> negative effects on self esteem, more susceptible to future disorders

3.2.2. no label --> no consequences, symptoms are assumed to be from other causes

4. Nominalism

4.1. world's influence on labeling vs labeling's influence on our realities

4.1.1. looping effects through classification and identity

4.2. nosology

4.2.1. classification of mental disorders and diseases

4.3. makes it more difficult to isolate the cause of a disease

5. Neurochemical Selves

5.1. originally based on religion and morals

5.2. then on psychoanalytics

5.3. now based on neurochemicals

5.4. can reshape lifestyle based on diet, exercise, etc.