Basic function of archives administration

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Basic function of archives administration by Mind Map: Basic function of archives administration

1. Appraisal

1.1. Process determining the value and the final disposition of records and designating records as either temporary or permanent storage.

2. Accessioning

2.1. The transfer of the legal and physical custody of archival records from office to archives and also the creation of records documenting receipt and acceptance of the records into archives.

3. Preservation

3.1. The specific steps undertaken to maintain, repair, restore or conserve archival records in appropriate facilities and equipment.

4. Arrangement and Description

4.1. Process of determining an appropriate method of organizing archival record and developing finding aid to describe the records and to facilitate their retrieval and use

5. Access and Use

5.1. The implementation of policies and procedures governing the access and use of archival records by employees of the organization which own them or by the public

6. Reference and Staff Service

6.1. Staff should have professional training in archival administration to assist researchers in the use of archival records. Some proactive archival program include outreach activities to market the use of the program to person / professional groups community / state etc