Struggling with Literacy

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Struggling with Literacy by Mind Map: Struggling with Literacy

1. Irlen syndrome What is Irlen Syndrome?

1.1. Light sensitivity

1.2. Reading problems

1.2.1. Poor comprehension, Misreads words, Has problem tracking from line to line, Reads in dim light, Skips words or lines, Reads slowly or hesitantly, Takes breaks, Loses place, Avoids reading.

1.3. Discomfort

1.4. Attention and Concentration Problems

1.4.1. Problems with concentration when reading and doing academic tasks.

1.5. Writing Problems

1.5.1. Problems copying, Unequal spacing, Unequal letter size, Writing up or downhill, Inconsistent spelling

1.6. Depth Perception

1.7. Distortions

1.7.1. Words on page lack clarity or stability.

2. Language-Based Learning Disability What to Know

2.1. Related to the understanding and use of spoken and written language.

2.2. Impedes comprehension and communication.

2.3. Common Difficulties for students with LBLD:

2.3.1. listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, organization, attention, memory, social skills, perseverance, Self-regulation

3. Deaf and Hard of Hearing

3.1. Deficits in language and speech development because of a declined or absent auditory response to sound.

3.2. Delay in the development of receptive and expressive communication skills (speech and language).

3.3. Vocabulary

3.3.1. Vocabulary develops more slowly, Difficulty with abstract words (before, after) and function words (the, are), Have difficulty understanding words with multiple meanings.

3.4. Sentence Structure

3.4.1. Comprehend and produce smaller and simpler sentences . Difficulty writing complex sentences. Misunderstandings and misuse of verb tense, pluralization, etc..

3.5. Speech

3.5.1. May be difficult to understand because they don’t hear quiet speech sounds such as "s," "sh," "f," "t," and "k" which is why they often don’t include them in their speech. Struggle with volume and pitch of voice.