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My Language by Mind Map: My Language

1. Englisch

1.1. I`m learning English at School

1.1.1. I really like to speak English

1.2. It`s really important for me that i can speak English very well, because you need it at work and when you travel.

2. French

2.1. I also learning French at School

2.1.1. In the primary school I wasn`t really good at it, but now it`s getting better

3. German

3.1. I`m also using it at school

3.1.1. We have to speak German with our teachers

4. Swiss German

4.1. I`m speaking it with my friends and family

4.1.1. It`s my mother language

5. Other languages

5.1. My Dad can speak Croatian

5.1.1. I also can speak a little bit, but only few words

5.1.2. He also can speak Italian In Italian i just can say the basic words, like „hello“ oder „bye“. I love when someone speak Italian, because it`s sounds sooooo beautiful