American Revolution

eCLIL material about the American Revolution

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American Revolution by Mind Map: American Revolution

1. Vocabulary I

1.1. Vocabulary II

1.1.1. Task: Do both vocabulary tasks and then watch the video.

2. Cootie Catcher American Revolution

2.1. Task: Watch the video about the American Revolution. Download the cootie catcher template (click on the paper clip). Then find questions and answers for your cootie catcher. Write the questions and answers into the spaces provided on your computer. Afterwards create your cootie catcher and send me a picture of your piece of art.

3. Founding of the Thirteen Colonies

3.1. Task: Match the names of the provinces with their geographic location so that you know where the American Revolution took place.

4. American Revolution Timeline

4.1. Task: After watching the video, structure the main events of the American Revolution with the help of a timeline.

5. Deborah Sampson

5.1. Task: Have a look at the timeline showing the life of Deborah Sampson and answer the following questions: Why do you think a woman joined the American army? What were the key points in Deborah's military career? What did Deborah after her service in the American army?