Reflection on risky play - class activity

Reflection on risky play

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Reflection on risky play - class activity by Mind Map: Reflection on risky play - class activity

1. More research needed - practice rather than theory

2. Planned activities - not free

3. Reading

3.1. Risky Play Benefits

3.1.1. Don't eliminate risk - assess and manage the risk

3.1.2. Develop positive listening and responding

3.1.3. Build confidence

3.1.4. Increase strength and co-ordination

3.2. Children are able to judge risk

4. Reflecting

4.1. Give more opportunities e.g. in less controlled activities

4.1.1. Give more freedom Assess the level of risk Low risk - give more opportunity

4.2. Play outdoors (wet)

4.3. Experiencing risk - problem solving, experimenting etc.

5. Experimenting and Implementing

5.1. Play outside in the wet

5.1.1. Demonstrate activities Engage with children more

5.2. Make changes based on evaluation

5.3. Critical questions

6. Experience

6.1. Highly supervised activities

6.2. Children enjoy being outside

7. Staff are worried about safety