Starting a new case

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Starting a new case by Mind Map: Starting a new case

1. Each morning

1.1. Check if there are any cases that I need to push

1.2. Back-merge with development any of the cases I assigned to QA which are not completed yet

1.3. Read the Release Notes

2. 1. Research

2.1. Case status is: "In queue"

2.2. Read the case description, watch any videos

2.3. Read about related cases

2.4. Read the code

2.5. Talk with related developers

3. 2. Document full scope

3.1. After research, document the case with a plan of action

3.1.1. Open sub-cases if necessary

3.1.2. Provide ETAs

3.2. Ping Hector

3.2.1. Get feedback from Hector. Is the case worth working on at this moment?

4. 3. Actual Coding

4.1. Change case status to: "Working on it"

4.2. Ping Hector

4.3. Write the code

4.4. Ask for code review

5. 4. Write the test document

5.1. Create a spreadsheet with all affected areas

5.2. Thoroughly test the affected areas

6. 5. Document the work & push to QA

6.1. Write clear documentation about what has been done

6.2. Attach the test document

6.3. If there are sub-cases

6.3.1. Make sure all sub-cases are "Ready to test" and assigned to me

6.4. Change case status to: "Ready to test"

6.5. Assign to: "Anamaria"

6.6. Ping Hector

6.7. Back-merge with development each morning

7. 6. Fix bugs

7.1. If case is assigned back to me

7.1.1. Repeat steps 3,4,5

8. 7. Ready to push

8.1. Case is assigned to me with status: "Push it :)"

8.2. Back-merge with development

8.3. Bump version & compile bundle.js

8.4. Create pull request and leave a comment with case description and number

8.5. Leave case comment with PR link

8.6. Assign to: "PUSH"

8.7. Ping Hector

9. 8. Release

9.1. Case status is: "Pushed"

9.2. Read the Release Notes each morning to make sure your case is in production

10. Case timeline

10.1. 1. In queue

10.1.1. Assigned to me

10.2. 2. Working on it

10.2.1. Change the status myself

10.3. 3. Ready to test

10.3.1. Change the status myself

10.3.2. Assign to Anamaria

10.4. 4. Push it

10.4.1. Changed by QA

10.4.2. Assigned back to me

10.4.3. Assign to PUSH myself

10.5. 5. Pushed