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1. Resume

2. Relationship

2.1. 1. Title

2.2. 2. Responsibilities

2.3. 3. Stock ownership

3. Team: Candidates

4. ULTA - Affinity Brand

4.1. Timeline to presentation

4.2. Collateral material

4.3. Target audience

5. Product Relevance

5.1. When you shower you are confronted with 3 variables, your tap water, which has a random pH, your soap which also has a random pH and your skin with its static pH of 5.5 The blended pH of these 3 factors is uncontrollable thus resulting in a caustic effect to your skin and hair. The result of that randomness is dry skin, irritation, and a complexion more susceptible to dermatological issues such as redness, eczema and rosacea. We have a manufacturing process that will put those 3 elements in balance reducing their blended causticity to your skin and hair.

6. Elevator Pitch

6.1. We will give you a pH Balanced shower with our Body Wash Shampoo and Conditioner that considers your tap water an ingredient and thus engineers your showering products to offset the hardness or softness of your personal tap water, reducing the caustic effects of that water to your skin and hair.

7. Marketing Strategy

7.1. 1. Leverage one of the brick and mortar majors in Bath & Beauty (i.e. Ulta).

7.2. 2. Build an e-commerce portal that curates all cosmetic products that are branded "pH BALANCED" and harvest those customers as buyers for our engineered pH BALANCED Body Wash Shampoo and Conditioner; items that are not currently in the marketplace.

8. Y-Conbinator