Project Lifecycle

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Project Lifecycle by Mind Map: Project Lifecycle

1. Data Analysis - researching the effectiveness of the product and the market needing it

2. Planning

2.1. Develop idea - Skin cream that reduces/eleminate acne and prevent it from returning

2.1.1. Setting target - Fair skin people

2.2. Financial and Technicial Analysis - cost of development and packaging

2.3. Design & Diagram - packaging of the creme, pump form or squeeze bottle

2.4. Approval from Top Management - Marketing & Analysis - Research & Design

2.5. Manpower Arrangements - Production & Marketing cost

2.6. Plan Schedules for Implementation -Total time between manufacutering to distrubution

3. Implementation

3.1. Material Procurement/Arrangement - Determine where the product is needed, who would carry the product, and maintain a good releationship with the dealer

3.2. Trial Implentation & Testing - Research and design, sampling the product and testing to ensure its safe ready to market

3.3. Data collection and Performance Monitoring - Product testing within testing facilities and monitoring their defectiveness of the product and side effects if any

4. Standardize

4.1. Continuous Monitoring - Developing a research team that can monitor pros and cons of the product and it's effectiveness

4.2. Continual Improvement - the ability to make improvements on the product when needed to ensure its safety and effectiveness

4.3. Horzontal Depoyment- ensuring that all departments make quality checks over their process of the product

4.4. Training and SOP - implementing standard procedures of how to make the product and policies to follow, ensuring that the devleopment of the product is uniformed throughout and it is also developed at the best quality rate

5. Check

5.1. Redeisgn & Engineering if required - make necessary changes if needed to enhance the effectiveness of the product

5.2. Evaluation and Quality Check - checking off that the product is being produced correctly through SOP and ensuring there are no defects in the packaging format and the product meets quality standards

5.3. Management Review & Final Approval - Cost of developement and the demand for it

5.4. Find out Pros and Cons - what is working with the product and what are the side effects