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Depression by Mind Map: Depression

1. Depression Symptoms

1.1. Symptoms of depression can be experienced differently among men, women, and children differently.

1.1.1. Men Depression symptoms: aggressiveness, feeling empty loss of interest reduced sexual desire inability to concentrate insomnia fatigue

1.1.2. Women Depression Symptoms: irritability feeling sad withdrawing from social engagements talking more slowly difficulty sleeping through the night changes in appetite

1.1.3. Children Depression symptoms: mood swings feelings of incompetence avoiding friends or siblings decline in school performance, changes in grades difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much loss of energy

2. Classified as a mood disorder

3. A serious medical condition

4. Types of Depression

4.1. Major depressive disorder

4.1.1. more severe form of depression

4.2. Persistent depressive disorder (PDD

4.2.1. used to be called dysthymia a milder, but chronic, form of depression.

5. Causes of Depression

5.1. Family History

5.2. Early childhood trauma

5.3. Brain structure

5.4. Medical conditions

5.5. Drug use

6. Treatment for Depression

6.1. Medications

6.1.1. Antidepressants

6.1.2. antianxiety

6.1.3. anti psychotic medications

6.2. Psychotherapy

6.3. Alternative therapies

6.4. Exercise

6.5. Avoid alcohol and drugs

6.6. Learn how to say no

6.7. Take care of yourself

7. Treatment for Depression