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Drug Abuse by Mind Map: Drug Abuse

1. it is the habitual taking of addictive or illegal drugs.

1.1. also known as substance abuse, is use of drug in amounts of or by methods which are harmful to the individuals or others.

2. Types Of Drug Abuse

2.1. Stimulant Abuse

2.2. substances that cause physical and psychological functions to speed up. individuals that abuse stimulants tend to experience a major boost in energy, euphoria, and a powerful sense of grandiosity.

2.3. Cocaine Abuse

2.4. cocaine is a street drug that has been and continues to be extremely popular to most abusers. Cocaine comes in white powder form and is usually snorted, users will experience an energetic, euphoric high.

2.5. Prescription Painkillers

2.6. Prescription painkiller users tend to partake in behaviors such as doctor shopping, obtaining pills on the streets etc. These medications can be snorted, smoked, swallowed, or injected.

2.7. Sedative abuse

2.8. sedatives are primarily used to treat anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks and phobias. This is popular substance due to the feelings of detachment and relaxation they produce.

2.9. Ecstasy Abuse

2.10. Individuals experience delusions and hallucinations that can be both visual and auditory. Users are in a state of euphoria

2.10.1. most ecstasy can be found at parties, indivisuals use it due to the feeling of euphoria and it makes them more energetic.

2.11. Heroin Abuse

2.12. Individuals obtain a pleasurable high that reduces or eliminates their physical and psychological distress.

2.12.1. heroin is usually smoked or injected. Those who inject this opioid can suffer from collapsed veins and an increased risk of contracting bloodborne diseases.

2.13. Marijuana Abuse

2.14. Marijuana is a medicine plant that can help with asthma. Individuals that abuse this medication plant tend to have hallucinations and is in a state of euphoric high.

3. Philippine Drug Enforment Agency is the lead anti-drug law enforcement agency, responsible for preventing, investigating and combating any dangerous drugs, controlled precursors and essential chemicals within the Philippines

3.1. also known as Ahensiya ng Pilipinas sa Pagpapatupad ng Batas Laban sa Bawal na Gamot

3.2. R.A 9165 Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002, remains as the policy-making and strategy-formulating body in planning and formulation of policies and program on drug prevention and control.

4. Oplan Tokhang, is an action that deals with the individuals that are using and abusing the said drugs.

4.1. Rehabilitation, is a place wherein the drug users can be cured or they can get the help that they need in the drug rehabilitation.