Business Modeling

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Business Modeling by Mind Map: Business Modeling

1. Seminar 1- Electrical Cars/Tesla

1.1. Autonomous Cars -Tesla

1.1.1. Digital Trends Navigation Mobile Integration

1.2. Energy Effective

1.2.1. costly High Maintenance Cost sharing economy

2. Seminar 2-Medical History

2.1. Health and Care

2.1.1. Data Security Stakeholders Mobile Application

2.2. Medical History

2.2.1. involving family members and Patient Rapid Response

2.3. Details Sharing With Doctor

2.3.1. Easily Availability Not Sharing Of Data With Patient and Family Why ?

3. Seminar 3-Rent The Runway

3.1. online Business

3.1.1. Disruptive Business Model value to Used clothes user friendly interface

3.2. Taking care of clothes with insurance

3.2.1. coordination supplychain solicitation

3.3. Sustainable Fashion

3.3.1. Adoptive Market Knowledge Knowledge about Market Need

4. Seminar 4-Smart Cities

4.1. Digitization

4.1.1. safety of Children time Saving Thinking About Others Too

4.2. entrepreneurship

4.2.1. Govt. Support Big Data Electric Vehicals

4.3. lack of implication in Government Policies

4.3.1. sharing economy planning efficient Navigation System

5. Seminar 5- Jungle Theory

5.1. Mapping

5.1.1. Birds Eye View partners StakeHolders

5.2. Eye on Competitors

5.2.1. Business Plan Accordingly Value Proposition Savanah

5.3. Defining area's need to tap

5.3.1. New Market Explor Ground Realities SWOT