Salsa Practice

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Salsa Practice by Mind Map: Salsa Practice

1. Level 1

1.1. Steps

1.1.1. Front

1.1.2. Side

1.1.3. Back-to-back

1.1.4. Zero

1.1.5. Cross

1.2. Figures

1.2.1. Aguajea

1.2.2. Guapeala Learn Cuban Salsa: Basic Step - Guapea

1.2.3. Exibela Learn Salsa Cubana: Exhibe! we have learnd it with aguajea, but explanation is very good, for the girls

1.2.4. Dile que si

1.2.5. Dile que no Learn Cuban Salsa: Dile Que No!

1.2.6. Enchufla Learn Cuban Salsa: Enchufla

1.2.7. Vasilala Learn Cuban Salsa: Vacila! Not learnd yet at Billies, but learned it in our practice.

2. Level 2

2.1. Figures

2.1.1. Enchufla doble Learn Cuban Salsa: Enchufla Doble We learned men foot work with back-to-back, but this works well as well

2.1.2. Enchufla cerrada Learn Cuban Salsa: Kentucky The first part of the "kentucky", the first count of 1, 2, 3 after the guapeala, is what I call the "enchufla cerrada". I isolated this movement or figure, because for me it is a basic two-hand-turn, which can be combined in various ways.

2.1.3. Enchufla inversa Learn Cuban Salsa: Setenta! The first part of the "setenta" is what I call the "enchufla inversa", it is also called "the hamer lock". I isolated this movement or figure, because for me it is a basic two-hand-turn, which can be combined in various ways.

2.1.4. Encufla elegante

2.1.5. Cubano No video found. But the figure is basiclly 3 enchuflas one after another. And it's the the second part of the setenta, as we have learned it in Billies.

2.1.6. Cubanita Steps of Cubana Cubanito and Cubanita Salsa Woman in front is "cubanita" and men in front "cubanito" and at the end they added a "sombrero". I just learned this combination by my self last time I was dancing with Brigitte in Danzon. I can show it to you next time how to do it one by one and also together.

2.1.7. Cubanito

3. Level 3

3.1. Figures

3.1.1. Coca Cola

3.1.2. Sombrero Salsa Cubana Lesson: Sombrero! We learned it from the guapeala basic step, but the explanation is very good.

3.1.3. Sobrero Medio Salsa Cubana: Vacila Variations! The 2md movement is our "sombrero medio" the first a "vasilala con mano" and both are variations of "vasilala".

3.1.4. Setenta Learn Cuban Salsa: Setenta!

3.1.5. Montaña Aprende a bailar salsa casino Figura Montaña o ( 69)

3.1.6. El dedo Rueda de Casino: El Dedo! We learned it with the end like in the "sombrero". But to have an idea.

3.1.7. Kentucky Learn Cuban Salsa: Kentucky We learned the end section a little bit different.