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Dustin Schrader by Mind Map: Dustin Schrader

1. Education

1.1. Graduated Towson University with a degree in Mathematics in 2005

1.2. I completed 150 credits to sit for CPA exam in 2008

1.3. I now am in pursuit of my MBA with a concentration in leading organizations

2. Homelife

2.1. I have a beautiful wife Felicia who is a public school teacher. She is the science department chair at a MD public high school.

2.2. I have 2 children. Tommy 2 and Reagan 4. They are amazing and keep me active!

2.3. I have 2 dogs. Eli is an 8 year old chocolate lab and Harry is a 12 week old newfoundland pup.

3. Worklife

3.1. I currently work for Johns Hopkins Medicine as a Financial Systems Project Lead for the Financial Systems Unit

3.2. I worked for a company for 14 years Mariner Finance where I was the Assistant Vice President of Finance

3.3. My background is in Finance and Accounting. Currently I am leading some major projects that involve writing policy and creating dashboards to help the organization run more efficiently.

4. Interesting Facts

4.1. I work out nearly 7 days a week accumulating nearly 130k steps a week according to my fit bit.

4.2. I wake up at 4 am everyday including weekends (early bedtime for those wondering)

4.3. I really have a passion for numbers, I love looking at patterns and trying to analyze how the numbers tell a story.