About: Williere Benjamin

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About: Williere Benjamin by Mind Map: About: Williere Benjamin

1. Education

1.1. Accounting Degree from Suffolk University in Boston

1.2. I am now attending JHU for an MBA with a focus on finance or healthcare.

2. Hobbies

2.1. I belong to a golf league in the DC area. as a result i play a lot of golf.

2.2. I am a big sports fan and follow the all Boston team intently.

2.3. I enjoy playing video games in my downtime and read books and podcasting.

3. Places I've Lived

3.1. I am originally from Haiti, I moved to the US when i was 12 and lived in Boston my entirely life before moving to DC 10 years ago.

4. Work

4.1. More than 10 years in tax compliance and strategy both international and domestics

4.2. Currently working for Siemens Government Technologies as a Global Tax Analyst.

4.3. Prior to working at Siemens; I worked in the Energy (Utility) industry for 5 year and worked at government contracting including public accounting.