Appropriating a Famous Artwork (New Unit)

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Appropriating a Famous Artwork (New Unit) by Mind Map: Appropriating a Famous Artwork (New Unit)

1. What is appropriating? Appropriating is the intentional borrowing, copying, and alteration of existing images and objects.

1.1. Answer the following: Click on the -> tab to go to the link to answer each question

1.2. Why did Andy Warhol choose to use the silkscreen process to create his artwork about Marilyn Monroe? He used this technique in order to reveals her public persona as a carefully structured illusion, while praising her at the same time.

1.3. Why did Andy Warhol create two overlapping images of Elvis?

1.4. How did Deborah Kass appropriate from Andy Warhol's work in her image of "Jewish Jackie"

1.4.1. Why did Kass choose Barbra Streisand as her subject matter, and why did she title the painting "Jewish Jackie"?

1.5. What do you think Roy Litchenstein saw in the comic he appropriated "Run for Love"?