23 Micro-Habits for Changing Your Life in 30 Days or Less

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23 Micro-Habits for Changing Your Life in 30 Days or Less by Mind Map: 23 Micro-Habits for Changing Your Life in 30 Days or Less

1. 1. Reading uplifting content before going to bed

1.1. Don’t let yourself go to bed in a bad mood, or by filling your brain with “crap”.

1.2. Read biographies or self-help books that are uplifting.

2. 2. Listen to uplifting music, podcasts, and people

2.1. Let great music put you in a flow state

2.2. Listen to the Tim Ferriss Show.

2.3. Listen to smart people and TED talks.

3. 3. Keep inspiring quotes near you

3.1. Read at least one good quote a day. Keep it on your fridge/desk. Let it be in your face as frequently as possible.

4. 4. Work out, even if just a little

4.1. Whatever your goals are health-wise, be active, measure every little gain, and keep going.

5. 5. Keep or make good habits, drop the bad ones

5.1. Consistency is key. If you can’t be consistent, add accountability.

6. 6. Have monthly goals and track them

6.1. Committing to goals for a month is doable, and leads to building great habits.

6.2. Experiment and see what works for you, and what doesn’t.

7. 7. Make a clear task list

7.1. It doesn’t matter the tool you use as long as your list is clear.

8. 8. Aim freaking high

8.1. Always make your lists bigger than you can chew.

8.2. If we allow ourselves to be comfortable, we end up doing close to nothing.

9. 9. Prepare your next day the night before

9.1. Make a list of things you want to accomplish for the next day a few hours before bed, and review it before sleep

9.2. Don’t make it too complex. Just a simple list.

10. 10. Write for yourself

10.1. Writing is a powerful medium to express yourself.

10.2. Putting all your thoughts in writing is a phenomenal way to free your mind and think clearly

11. 11. Delegate to people you trust

11.1. Focus on things you are good at and delegate the rest

12. 12. Have a semi-strict routine

12.1. The more you stick to it, the more productive you become

13. 13. Don’t stop when it hurts

13.1. How do you build muscles? You continue when it starts hurting!

13.2. That’s how you grow in anything in life. No pain no gain.

13.3. If you stop when it’s hard, you just wasted valuable energy. Recognize when you’re in a dip, and then get out of it!

14. 14. Surround yourself with motivated people

14.1. Seek mentors. Seek positive people. Seek people who get stuff done.

15. 15. Walk to work and limit wasted time

15.1. Walking to work is one of the most “meditative” things you can do.

15.2. Going in, you can prepare for what’s to come. Going out, you can disconnect from work.

16. 16. Constantly learn new things

16.1. “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery

17. 17. Learn to power nap

17.1. We can’t be focused 100% of the time during the day. When your energy levels are low, power nap

17.2. You'll be back in peak state and accomplish so much more than if you didn’t nap.

18. 18. Learn to meditate and journal

18.1. It’s a skill and it needs practice.

18.2. Meditation is not about “not thinking”, it’s about being aware.

18.3. Journaling is a powerful tool that frees up your mind and aligns your goals together. You become more aware and focused.

19. 19. Take a well-deserved vacation

19.1. You can’t function at peak state when you’re constantly under pressure.

20. 20. Don’t be alone

20.1. Everyone needs to be uplifted, and you can’t (easily) do it alone.

21. 21. Meet new people, attend events, do things outside of work

21.1. Do it for your sanity and for making important connections.

21.2. Go out to seek and talk to people

21.3. Work hard, play hard.

22. 22. Do good, be grateful

22.1. Doing good is so rewarding and gives you such a high.

22.2. And when someone does good to you, be grateful. Gratefulness is almost as powerful as doing good yourself.

23. 23. Celebrate The Small Wins

23.1. Every time a small event happens where it could be considered a “win”, acknowledge it. Take note of it.

23.2. Have a “success” journal.