Our Possible Future

Our Possible Future: a community mind-mapping exercise from March 18, 2020.

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Our Possible Future by Mind Map: Our Possible Future

1. Prioritize LIFE vs. Making Money

1.1. Living from the beauty of interconnection

1.2. Quality of connection is our quality of living

1.2.1. Quality is rooted compassionate, skillful truth-telling

2. Appreciation of Beauty

3. Oppenness to love

4. Systems Rebuilding based on Heart-cenetered Compassion

4.1. Developing Structures we haven't seen before

4.2. Recreating systems as they pertain to our values.

5. Home (feeling)

6. Awakening

6.1. Beyond Me

6.2. Symphony of Stories Resonating

6.2.1. Resonance

6.3. Slowing down to widen our vision

6.4. Open ourselves to actuality

7. Taking Responsibity

8. Diversity

9. Interconnected Living

9.1. Intentional Community

9.2. Place-based

10. Take Turns

11. Balance

12. Spacious

13. Presence

14. Trust

15. Be Intentional about Supporting my community

16. Creating Life from the Heart

16.1. Taking action from that space


17.1. From everything

17.2. Janis Joplin

18. Celebrate Ideas of Others