15 Signs Your Life is More on Track Than You Think it is

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15 Signs Your Life is More on Track Than You Think it is by Mind Map: 15 Signs Your Life is More on Track Than You Think it is

1. You’re Learning

1.1. Keep learning. Don’t worry about where it will take you. It’ll be somewhere great.

2. You’re (Still) Curious About the World

2.1. Don't resign to your circumstances.

2.2. Believe in new possibilities for your future.

2.3. Retain the curiosity you had as a child.

3. You’re Healthy

3.1. You can’t have real success of any kind without your health.

3.2. Get enough sleep. Exercise and eat right

4. You Know What You’re Passionate About

4.1. If you’ve found something you enjoy doing, you’ve won half the battle.

4.2. Becoming the best at what you do takes years, decades even, so settle in.

5. You Know How to Follow Directions

5.1. When you find yourself around people smarter than you, listen to them.

5.2. Don't make excuses

6. You Know How to Work

6.1. See work as a learning experience.

6.2. Realize the importance of paying your dues.

6.3. Commit to doing the work on every rung of the ladder and you'll understand your field from the top down.

6.4. Be patient

7. You Know Your Financial Picture

7.1. Have a crystal clear picture of your finances, even if they aren’t good.

7.2. Realize the decisions you make now will affect you years down the line.

7.3. Find ways to either earn more or save more.

8. You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin

8.1. Embrace your flaws and love them

8.2. Be yourself

9. You’re Done Making Excuses For Yourself

9.1. Realize making excuses and complaining don’t do anything. They’re not strategies.

9.2. Say to yourself, “Ok. This is where I’m at now. What am I going to do about it?”

10. You See the World for What it is

10.1. Be grounded in reality instead of the way things should be.

10.2. Realize the downsides that come with life and dealing with other people.

10.3. Prepare for them.

10.4. Realize the world is inherently unfair instead of wishing things were different.

11. You Allow Yourself to Screw Up

11.1. Don't seek to be perfect.

11.2. Have the ability to forgive yourself when you mess up and move on quickly

12. You’re Surrounding Yourself with Good People

12.1. Don't tolerate toxic people.

12.2. Thinking this way isn’t selfish. It’s your life and the people in it sway its direction.

12.3. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people

13. You’re a Thief

13.1. Many of the world’s greatest questions have been answered.

13.2. Steal as much useful information, insight, and strategy from others

14. You’ve Failed Without Losing Hope

14.1. Don't let a setback demoralize you.

14.2. Realize the opportunity in failure.

14.3. Know that failure doesn’t break you. It only makes you tougher

15. You’re Done Caring About What Others Think

15.1. Don't let other people’s opinions dictate the course of your life

15.2. Be free to do what you want

16. What to do Next

16.1. Your mind plays tricks on you to make you feel inadequate, but it can also signal a need for real change in your life.

16.2. Know your situation is a mixture of both.

16.3. Strive to be a better version of yourself