3 Deadly Negative Emotions Holding You Back From a Better Life

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3 Deadly Negative Emotions Holding You Back From a Better Life by Mind Map: 3 Deadly Negative Emotions Holding You Back From a Better Life

1. The Love Affair We Have With Negative Emotions

1.1. Self-pity tells you you’re incapable of working hard or you have some insurmountable obstacles in your way. It's not right

1.2. Blaming other people or your circumstances can also give you this weird sense of superiority

1.3. Everybody loves a pity party.

2. Jealousy Porn

2.1. Jealousy, like self-pity, gives you the high ground again.

2.2. You discard others great results as nothing more than luck and it makes you feel good about yourself.

2.3. The problem with envy si that you can’t be like someone you despise.

3. Sloth and Unreliability

3.1. True laziness occurs when you avoid making the major changes you want from life because they’re too hard.

3.2. Not following your dreams is a form of laziness

3.2.1. It’s the one we love most because it weaves all the aforementioned emotions together.

3.3. With laziness, you get the ultimate excuse — it’s too hard.

3.4. You can easily rationalize laziness and twist it into words like contentment, self-love, and being ‘down to earth.’

3.5. We love using this kind of thinking because you can relate to it, it’s comforting, and gives you a sense of piety at the same time

4. The Life-Changing Magic of Self Awareness

4.1. Realize what’s going on.

4.2. Consider the fact you actually love to complain, talk down to others, and give less effort than you’re capable of.

4.3. If you’ve decided you are, in fact, in love with these emotions, it’s time to break up.

4.4. Every time you catch yourself feeling these negative emotions, try to pause and think about whether or not you’re revelling in it.

4.5. If you do realize you’re revelling in it, focus on how perverse that is.

4.6. If your friend/family complain, turn the conversation positive or acts as a good example for everyone else