About roofs clever manipulator

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About roofs clever manipulator by Mind Map: About roofs clever manipulator

1. Roof is service in the marcus honourable minister for upcoming election

1.1. He expert in election campainging at all levels village

1.1.1. And locoal govt & national

2. He tell mood and temper of the elecotorate at any time

2.1. Marcus drawan him 5 months salary advns

2.1.1. He was trusted these comapignings

3. He recived strange visit from leader of the pop

4. His vist was cold & business although he was well known to roof

5. Leader offered five pounds on behalf of pop

5.1. And said we want your vote

6. Roof pretended that nothing had happened

6.1. He was voting in both

7. Election officer explaned about 2 boxses vote for marcus or maduka

8. He voted maduka secretly

9. Lightning a thought into the roofs mind