We agree with the poem

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We agree with the poem by Mind Map: We agree with the poem

1. Distant relationships are very difficult. Even in the poem there are examples and events that showed how hard was to stay level headed and still be in love for the significant other. and example when the character was staring at the cross of the ship knowing that their sailing to a place that would be difficult to contact their beloved.

2. It's a strong test of trust and royalty. Long distant relationships often never works out in the end. Movies, films and writers when they try to express their thoughts on distant relationships normally never ends the way how we thought it could be.But this poem in particular proved how strong and faithful a distant couple could be.

3. A beautiful expression of lovers yearning for their beloved other. Maybe some people may have doubts because we don't know both of their perspective on how their dealing such circumstances with each other. But it's very commendable to see the character in poem still holding on although the odds says otherwise.

4. To still remember the other although their apart from different places is beautiful. If the character were to be ingenuine with their love he or she would've forgotten and find another person in their life but the character in the poem choose to stay obedient despite the obstacles that their circumstances given them.

5. It showcased how strong a couples love can be. They say love is the strongest emotion of all and this poem reaffirms the saying. The character should be idolized by many if they were to showcase genuine love. It's sad to see such couples in an unfortunate position but it does encompasses the beauty of true love.