Operation Sale and Planning

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Operation Sale and Planning by Mind Map: Operation Sale and Planning

1. What?

1.1. Providing

1.1.1. Better Customer service

1.1.2. lower inventory

1.1.3. shorten customer lead times

1.1.4. stabilize production rates

1.1.5. Give top managemant a handle o the business.

1.2. consist of a series of meetings, a high-level meeting where intermadiate-term decision aare made.

1.3. Occur

1.3.1. at an aggregate level

1.3.2. at the detailed individual product level

1.4. Type & Role

1.4.1. Long-range planning (2-10 years) Marketing plan Target market Competitive focus Profit margin New product Production plan Production rate Workforce size Financial plan Sources of funds Uses of funds Cash flows Projected budgets Engineering plan R&D Product design Process design

1.4.2. Intermediate-range planning (6-18 months) Marketing plan: Sales plan actual vs planned Production plan: Master schedule actual vs planned

1.4.3. Short-range planning (daily, weekly) Marketing plan: Sales plan actual vs planned Production plan: Master schedule actual vs planned

2. Different Strategy

2.1. Aggregate Operation Plan

2.1.1. Optimal Combination Production rate Workforce size Inventory on hand

2.1.2. Planning is done over an intermediate-range planning

2.1.3. In simple term: Capacity >< Demand (While minimizing cost)

2.1.4. Environment External Environment Demand can be managed Complementary product Service Cycle are more often measured in houts than months.

2.1.5. Process of Production planning 1. Input to Production Planning External Internal 2. Production planning strategy (a pure strategy just one of these approaches, a mixed strategy use two or more) Chase stratery Stable workforce - variable work hours Level strategy Sub-contraction (thầu phụ) 3. Type of relevant cost Basic production cost Cost associated with changes in the production rate Inventory holding cost Back order cost 4. Aggregate planning techniques Cut-and-try approach Linear programming Simulation

2.2. Sales Plan