adverbs of frequency

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adverbs of frequency by Mind Map: adverbs of frequency

1. 5% of frequency

1.1. rarely

1.1.1. for example:

1.1.2. they rarely wake up at 6:00 am

1.1.3. you rarely listen the radio in our car

1.1.4. he rarely eat ice cream in he park

2. 30% of frequency

2.1. occasionally

2.1.1. for example:

2.1.2. i occasionally eat italian food

2.1.3. we occasionally watch TV in my house

2.1.4. my mom occasionally listen my problems

3. 50% of frecuency

3.1. sometimes

3.1.1. for example:

3.1.2. sometimes we sing in the classroom

3.1.3. i sometimes look you

3.1.4. maria sometimes kiss her pet

4. what is a adverb of frecuency?...

4.1. an adverb of frecuency tell us how often somethings takes place

4.2. un adverbio de frecuencia nos dice con qué frecuencia ocurre algo

5. 100% of frequency

5.1. always....

5.1.1. for example:

5.1.2. i always brush my teeth in the morning

5.1.3. charli always eat a donut in her house

5.1.4. he always work in his computer in the ofice

6. 90% of frequency

6.1. usually....

6.1.1. for example:

6.1.2. maria usully comb her hair in the afternoon

6.1.3. they usually read a book in the house

6.1.4. we usually run 1km in the park

7. 80% of frequency

7.1. generally/normally

7.1.1. for example:

7.1.2. i normally take a bath after school

7.1.3. you generally ride your bike in the farm

7.1.4. martin normally play soccer in the play ground

8. 70% of frequency

8.1. often/frecuently

8.1.1. for example:

8.1.2. i often celebrate halloween with my friends

8.1.3. they frecuently use the notebook for study

8.1.4. we often write whit he pen of camila

9. 10% of frequency

9.1. seldom

9.1.1. for example:

9.1.2. george seldom take a bath with all his toys

9.1.3. she seldom listen music in the room

9.1.4. i seldom play basketball the weekends

10. 0% of frquency

10.1. never

10.1.1. for example:

10.1.2. maria never eat in the nigth

10.1.3. you never play soccer in the house

10.1.4. chase never dance with his fathers