The United States and its Decision to Enter WWI

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The United States and its Decision to Enter WWI by Mind Map: The United States and its Decision to Enter WWI

1. Sinking of the Lusitania Ship - May 1915 German submarine torpedoed a British ship crossing the Atlantic. It was a cruise ship, but operating in the war zone and Germans suspected it carried war supplies for the Allies. Germany had previously warned ships not to cross into war zone waters, lest they be attacked. Over a thousand people died, including over a hundred Americans. Why would the sinking of the Lusitania create tension in the U.S towards Germany?

2. Zimmerman Telegram - January 1917 - Germany sends telegram to Mexico offering an alliance. Germany extends offer to Mexico to help them take back California from the U.S. This telegram was encrypted, but decoded by British intelligence and subsequently shared with the U.S. Why would Zimmerman's telegram cause tension between the U.S. and Germany?

3. Allied Countries' debt to the U.S. - By the end of WWI, the U.S. loaned more than 2.25 billion dollars to the Allied countries (and only 27 million to Germany by comparison). Why would the Allies' debt to the U.S. lead us into war on their side?

4. Germany Resumes Policy of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare - February 1st, 1917 After suspending, or "pressing pause", on its use of submarine warfare in the waters surrounding Britain, Germany decides to resume its submarine tactics. Why would this policy decision amplify tensions between the U.S. and Germany?