Cory Rogers: Me

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Cory Rogers: Me by Mind Map: Cory Rogers: Me

1. Education

1.1. Bachelors in Industrial Engineering Technology

1.2. Pursuing MBA for Organizational Leadership

1.3. Trained as an electrician in my early career

2. Profession

2.1. Industrial Engineer

2.2. Master Electrician

2.3. Educator

3. Where I live

3.1. I live in Connecticut

3.2. My house is in the woods

3.3. I'm about 15 minutes from the ocean

4. Interesting facts

4.1. I'm a Leap Year baby

4.2. I volunteer for people with Autism

4.3. I was a high school teacher that decided to pursue an engineering field.

5. Family

5.1. My wife is a doctor

5.2. My son is at UC Berkeley Law

5.3. I have a six year old daughter

5.4. My other son lives with Autism

6. Places I've visited

6.1. 41/50 of US states and counting

6.2. Brazil, Chile, Aruba, Mexico, Canada, UK, Greece, Egypt

6.3. Most major cities in the US