Who I Am- Individual Cultural Identity

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Who I Am- Individual Cultural Identity by Mind Map: Who I Am- Individual Cultural Identity

1. vocation

1.1. occupational field-student

1.1.1. profession: full time student University: Boise State Major: MDS

1.1.2. profession: delivery driver employer: chip cookies location: downtown boise

2. Class

2.1. economic class: middle?

2.1.1. workfull time college loan debt

2.2. social: middle?

2.3. educational: full time student

2.3.1. junior at bsu

3. geography

3.1. USA

3.1.1. currently live in Boise, ID BIG CITY population as of 2017: 226,570 SUBURBAN

3.1.2. grew up in Onalaska, WA rural SMALL TOWN population: 772

4. philosophy

4.1. didn't grow up going to church

4.1.1. still believe in god

5. language

5.1. english

6. biological traits w/ cultural aspects

6.1. race: caucasian

6.1.1. ethnicity: white gender: female sexual orientation: straight