Reconciling IKS & the NatScis

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Reconciling IKS & the NatScis by Mind Map: Reconciling IKS & the NatScis

1. Exhibit A

1.1. Purpose:

1.1.1. to understand life and existence of knowledge isn’t about understanding knowledge in a conventional sense

1.2. Value and Importance:

1.2.1. Imagination aligns with the true nature of existence

1.3. WOK:

1.3.1. Imagination

1.4. Ability to create:

1.4.1. By tapping into that field of your own imagination, which is one with all imagination (one Consciousness, the unified field), then you start to function in a manner that is consistent with nature.

1.5. how knowledge is used:

1.5.1. to stimulate progress

2. Exhibit B

2.1. Purpose:

2.1.1. Knowledge changes our beliefs in what is attainable or true

2.2. Value and importance:

2.2.1. Audacious visions are used and has the power to alter mind states

2.3. How knowledge is gathered

2.4. Our need to explain things

2.4.1. Our need to create knowledge is due to our ambition as humans without it we will have no need to explain things

2.5. Ability to create

2.5.1. Our ability to create knowledge is not limited if there is ambition

2.6. How we use knowledge

2.6.1. We use and benefit from the knowledge as we are able to confirm and prove our assumptions to be true or false, and we can feed our "ambitions".

3. Exhibit C

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. to benefit and help people, ensuring survival and progress

3.2. Value and Importance

3.2.1. To be at people’s advantage and aid in proper survival Very important as both IKS and scientific approach both heavily contribute to the modern science

3.3. WOK

3.3.1. Both uses imagination and the experience to arrive at an answer

3.4. Ability to create

3.4.1. sustainable harvesting practices with the aid of indigenous knowledge

3.5. how knowledge is used

3.5.1. Collaboration of modern science and indigenous knowledge =extremely beneficial in understanding phenomena and environmental changes