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SE-06 by Mind Map: SE-06

1. The implementation plan.

1.1. The plan starting on March 23 2020.

1.2. March 23-27 2020.

1.2.1. Complete the Software Requirement Specification(SRS).

1.2.2. Team members read carefully and understood the SRS.

1.3. March 28-31 2020.

1.3.1. Complete database and relationship between objects.

1.3.2. Determine constraints between tables.

1.4. April 1-7 2020.

1.4.1. Connect database with Solution. use Linq to SQL. Automatic modeling data in database to classes and properties. use Linq to SQL. Perfom the necesssary operations with data : fetch data, delete data, search data,repair data (update),... use Epplus library insert data in excel to SQL database. determine exceptions may throw by Sql

1.4.2. Design interface. user. admin. super admin. login. Messenge box. orther.

1.5. April 8-13 2020.

1.5.1. Catch and handle exceptions was threw by SQL.

1.5.2. Presentation data in interface was designed.

1.6. April 14-21 2020.

1.6.1. Design functions system.

1.6.2. Run demo 1.0 Application.

1.6.3. Test with database demo and some trial users. Collect comments by trial user.

1.7. April 22-30 2020.

1.7.1. Contineu improve functions fwith comments by trial user.

1.7.2. Handling exceptions and warnings.

1.8. May 1 2020.

1.8.1. Demo 2.0 Application.

2. Default.

2.1. This complete tasks when you want update everything.

2.2. This tasks you have difficultly to resolve You must numbered this tasks by a code to team distinguish.

2.3. This solution of difficultly follow the code.

2.4. This command by leader.

2.5. Members update tasks processes in Tree processes.

2.6. Members Update tasks in Tree tasks. Tree tasks will be update by leader every week with code taske.

2.7. People not completed tasks on time will be added by Remind list when update tasks every where.

2.8. This example completed task in implementation plan and Tree task.

2.9. Members read new tasks in monday every week.

3. Tree processes.

4. Tree tasks

4.1. T001 : All members complele the SRS version 2.0 before friday (March 27) this week.

4.2. T002 : All members summary the SRS in this Item. Comment must be update before 24h saturday.

4.2.1. This example comment.

5. Remind.